My Favorite Little Online Shops

Lately I've discovered a new realm of the internet- little online clothing shops. These shops don't have massive inventories like Zara or Asos, but they have a great selection of fun, unique pieces at very reasonable prices. Here's some of my favorites.

This shop has a great selection of a lot of great items. They have a lot of really fun, printed swimsuits, as well as a good selection of tops and dresses. Stevie, the owner, gives great feedback on each piece so you're guaranteed to get the right size. 

My pieces

White Noise Tennies (similar here)

I love all the dresses Roolee Boutique has! They've got a great selection which is perfect for summer- light, comfortable, and fun. 

My pieces

This shop has lots of tops in a variety of different styles. They also have some very cute dresses, at great prices. 

My pieces

This site has lots of gorgeous dresses and shirts. Basically everything on this site is great. 

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