Two Summer Hairstyles

 If there's one thing I know about summer, it's that summertime in Utah is hot. And as soon as hot weather hits, I want my hair out of my face! But I also don't want to spend every single day with my hair in a ponytail, so I try to get a little creative with how I keep my hair out of my face. Here are my two go-to hairstyles for this at the moment. 

Look 1: Looped half bun 

This is the ultimate lazy day hair style. I pull back most of the hair on the top of my hair and loop it into a bun. It's super quick and works really well. 

Look 2: French braids

I feel like french braids are really having a resurgence. A few months ago I would have thought two french braids would make me look like a seven year old at a sleepover, but I've discovered a little secret to make this a more grown-up hairstyle. The big difference is to make the braids a little messy. Don't pull too tight and don't worry about being consistent. Keeping the braids messy keeps the hairstyle from becoming too tight and kiddish. 

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