A Sister Missionary's Guide: Hair

Keeping your hair nice and presentable on a mission can be slightly more complicated than maintaining it in the "real world". Here's some general guidelines:
- Keep your hair your natural color. Missionaries don't have the time, money, or access to maintain coloring hair. 
- Have a haircut that's easy to maintain. Length doesn't matter, short or long can be easy to maintain. Just make sure you're not going to need a haircut every month. 

Here's my three go to missionary hairstyles: 

1- High Bun 

This was my go to summer hairstyle, for the really hot days when I knew we would be outside in the humidity and I didn't want a frizzy mess on my head. It's quick and easy, and it will look good all day long. 

2- Pinned Back Bangs

This is a super simple hairstyle. It looks nice, but it keeps the hair out of your face. It was very useful on days when I was feeling lazy. 

3- Half Ponytail

This is pretty similar to pinning back bangs, but even better for days when I needed my hair to stay in place and out of my face. This style works particularly well for any hair length, which was great since my hair grew out quite a bit on my mission. 

I hope these suggestions can be useful and give you a good starting place! 

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