A Sister Missionary's Guide: Makeup

Wearing makeup isn't required for sister missionaries, but, as someone who likes makeup, I wore it all throughout my mission. Today I thought I'd share some of my tips and some of the products that worked the best for me.

Here are a few of the factors that make makeup difficult for sister missionaries. 
- Being outside most of the day
-Varying weather 
-Not wanting to look too attractive
- Only having an hour to get ready in the morning
- Not much easy access to makeup stores

So here are my tips to deal with these issues. 
- If it's hot and/or humid, any kind of foundation isn't worth it. You'll just sweat it off. During the summer, all I tended to do was fill in my brows and swipe on some waterproof mascara. 
-I used waterproof mascara to avoid the raccoon look that too much sweat, or a particularly moving lesson, can give you. 
- Stick with neutral makeup, and be light handed. Occasionally I would wear bright red lipstick, but it wasn't that practical. It's hard to maintain that look throughout the day. 
- Walmart was basically my only source of makeup on my mission. There's lot of great options to choose from there, plus just about everything is cheap!

My Makeup Recommendations


Nail polish guidelines are really vague, basically just that the color shouldn't attract attention. There's lots of really great neutral shades out there. Here's my favorites.

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