A Week's Vacation in New York in 12 Items or Less

One of my favorite parts of every summer is the annual trip to visit my grandparents in Ardsley, New York. Aside from lots of time with family and friends, we go to baseball games, explore new sites in New York City, and (if I have my way) spend some time at the beach. 
To avoid the hassle, and expense, of checking bags we've always had to pack light and so over the years I've learned how to fit a week-long vacation into a carry-on. Today I thought I'd share the 12 items of clothing I'll be taking with me this year, which are going to last me 11 days, because Josh and I will be stopping by Washington D.C. to visit his family before heading up to New York. 


Black tee- H&M 
White button up- H&M
Yankee t-shirt- Target

I'm keeping things really simple when it comes to tops. It's tempting to pack lots of my trendier stuff, because I want to look good on vacation, but I find that basics go a lot further and can look just as stylish as that top at the back of my closet I only wear once a month. These are low maintenance, I feel comfortable in them, and I'll be able to re-wear them lots of times. 


Jeans- Gap 
Grey sweats- H&M
Olive pants- Modcloth

I'm keeping things similarly simple with the pants, although I am branching out a bit by bringing the olive pants. But I know that the olive pants match all three of my tops. Because three of the eleven days will be spent traveling, I'm bringing a pair of sweats, which will be comfortable, but can be dressed up enough that I don't look like I just rolled out of bed. 


Patterned jacket- H&M
Denim vest- Aeropostale

These two pieces are very important, because they're going to add more dimension to my outfits.The jacket is super lightweight, so it won't be too hot for summer, and it will still keep me warm in the freezing cold airports.


Black dress- Roolee
Black patterned dress- Framed in Jade

I like dresses, so I'm bringing two. One is more casual so I can wear it as an everyday dress. And the other will be perfect for times when I need to dress up a bit more. 


Metallic sandals- Modcloth
White and black sneakers- Shop Stevie

During summer, I find that you need a pair of sandals and a closed toed shoe. These sneakers are pretty casual, but they work because it doesn't look like I've just come from the gym. And the sandals add a nice bit of interest to any outfit because they're metallic. I don't really recommend bringing heels on a vacation, unless you absolutely know that you'll wear them multiple times. So even though I love heels, I leave them at home on such a casual vacation. 

And that is all the pieces of my vacation wardrobe! I'll be sure to snap some pictures of my outfits during the vacation so you can see how it works in real life. 

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