My Summer Makeup Look

When it comes to makeup in the summer, less is really more. Between the heat and the lazy days, I don't want to have a lot of stuff on my face. So lately I've been doing a really minimal look, that focuses on bronze-y skin, and a brown lip that plays into the 90's throwback that's going on. 

I love tinted moisturizers during the summer, because they're so lightweight, giving you a "your skin, but better" look. This Bare Minerals foundation, especially when paired with the primer, creates a really glowy look that creates the illusion that there's nothing there at all.

I used the bronzer in place of a blush, to give my cheeks a warm glow. I also put a little bit on my nose and my forehead, to warm up the rest of my face. Because I have pale skin, most bronzers can easily be too dark for my skin, or look unnatural. This bronzer gives a great, light, touch of color without giving me the super contoured look that can make me seem like I'm trying too hard. 

Lately I haven't wanted to spend a ton of time on my eyes, so these cream eyeshadows have quickly become my favorite. I just swipe a little across each eyelid to add a little color, and then I'm done! 
The Tarte mascara gives lots of volume and really defines lashes.   

Brown lipstick has become much more wearable in the past couple months, as the 90's grunge look as has been coming back in style. I wasn't sure a brown lipstick would be the thing for me, but I've been surprised at how much I've liked wearing it. It's a surprisingly casual shade, that works with dressed up or dressed down looks.

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