A Classic With A Twist

Shoes: Forever Young Shoes

One of the best fashion tips I ever read was simply this - "Build a wardrobe of basic pieces, but put your own twist on them." Before I read this advice, basic pieces like a white tee shirt or dark blue jeans weren't really things I was interested in spending my money on. I wanted interesting, signature pieces. I felt like basics were boring.
 But this advice helped me realize that basic pieces can also be signature pieces. If there is one legacy that Coco Chanel has, it's the Little Black Dress. While she designed much more elaborate clothes, the LBD is the one that's had the biggest impact. She was a woman who loved simplicity and sophistication, so her LBDs reflected that. But that doesn't mean that ever Little Black Dress has to be just a litttle black dress. This is my current version of the LBD. I know it's not really even that black, but this is my twist on the classic. It's basic, but not boring. It's exactly the type of piece I need in my wardrobe to have a full, versatile selection of clothes that I'll always love to wear. 

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