A College Girl's Wardrobe in 12 Items or Less

I'm continuing the back to school theme today by sharing another capsule wardrobe with you guys! This one is for college girls, since that's what I am for another two years (at least). College is a really great time to experiment with personal style, since college is the time where you're deciding what you want the rest of your life to be like. There's a lot of self discovery going on, and I think that extends to personal style. I know I've learned a lot about my personal style since I've started college. So I think it's a great time to try new things, and explore what styles you like and what works well on you. This list is definitely a baseline, which each person should build off and customize!


White button up- H&M
Denim shirt- H&M
Panda tee- Forever 21
NYC sweater- H&M
Pink top- Aeropostale

I'm including more tops than I usually do in a capsule wardrobe, because tops provide a lot of versatility and I feel like you really need that in college. Most are pretty casual, because college life is pretty casual, but there are some tops that could be dressed up if needed.


Dark jeans- Gap
Light blue jeans- ASOS
Black pencil skirt- Thrift store

Jeans are absolutely essential to college students. They're durable, always look great, and go with anything. I included a lighter and a darker pair, to have lots of versatility. I also threw in a black pencil skirt, for dressier events, but it can also be easily dressed down for more casual days. Black pencil skirts look great with t-shirts.


Leather jacket- Thrift store

A leather jacket adds so much to an outfit, and it always makes the person wearing it look cooler. It's my best friend on days when I wake up late and need to throw on whatever is closest.


Red sneakers- Vans
Nude flats- Old Navy
Ankle boots- Modcloth

Shoes that are good for walking are absolutely essential. All these are great walking shoes, and can go with any outfit.

So those are my college essentials! Let me know what clothes you think every college girl needs. 

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