A Week in New York

This trip has been one of the highlights of my summer for a long time, and this year was particularly exciting because it was the first time in two years that my entire family has been there together! We crammed a lot of stuff into a one week visit, and it was exhausting, but also very fun.

We took the train from DC to New York, which we would highly recommend, it was a great way to travel. 

The biggest adventure of the trip was the day we went into New York City. We got up very early so we could walk the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise. Then we spent the morning exploring lower Manhattan. We stopped by Trinity Church, the New York Stock Exchange, and Ground Zero to see the new 9/11 memorial. Of all the monuments I've seen lately, and I've seen plenty, the 9/11 memorial was my favorite. It's incredibly simple, but also really powerful. It's a great tribute to all the people who died that day. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you ever get the chance. 
We walked back across the Brooklyn Bridge, explored the Brooklyn Museum, and then met up with a friend of my brother, who is serving a mission in Brooklyn, for lunch. So in total, we walked nine miles that day. 

My dad, the park ranger, giving a lesson on tree identification. A common occurrence on Rudy family hikes.

It's a miracle they didn't push each other off. 

Josh and I spent a day down in New Haven with his brother and sister-in-law. We ate some very good food, and picked blueberries. They were delicious too. 

And as always, we went to a Yankee game. It was hot and humid and the Yankees lost, but it was still a fun day at the ballpark. 

We also were able to spend lots of time with my grandparents and other family and friends, which is always the funnest part of the trip. It was just our luck that we were flying home the day that Delta's system crashed, which made the end of our trip a little more eventful than we wanted it to be. But we did eventually make it home, and are very happy to be back. Although I'm sure in a couple of weeks I'll be daydreaming about being back in New York again. 

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