A Weekend in DC

On the first leg of our trip, we went to Washington DC to visit Josh's family. His dad has recently been stationed on an air force base out there. It was fun to see his parents and all his younger siblings, and most of our time was spent with them and the latest editions to the family- five brand new kittens! Josh has high hopes that he and I will keep one of the kittens. 

One night we went down to the National Mall with Josh's brothers and walked around to a bunch of different monuments. I was really glad we went during the evening because even at 8:00 pm it was hot! 

Josh and I had a little date night in downtown Alexandria, which is a beautiful old city right outside DC. There's a great boardwalk and lots of beautiful old houses to look at. 

If you can't tell from the pictures, it was rather windy. 

We had a great time, especially since we got to spend so much of it with family. I'll be sharing more pictures from the New York part of our trip later this week. 

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