Does This Outfit Make Me Look Lazy?

Top: H&M 
Shirt: H&M
Sweats: H&M
Shoes: Vans
Hat: Modell's

It used to be that whenever I would wear sweats out of the house I'd feel like I was walking around in pajamas. Like it was a visual cue to the rest of the world that I was too tired to deal with real pants. 
But since athlesiure has become more of a trend, I've learned that it's possible to wear sweats and not look like I've given up on fashion for the day. It's just a matter of picking sweats that aren't too baggy, and keeping the top part of the outfit a little dressier than the bottom. That's why I love this white top and denim shirt. They keep the outfit casual, but add enough structure and detail to make this look like an actual outfit and not something I rolled out of bed in.
Isn't it great when something comfortable also looks good?

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  1. I personally love this look on you. Those pants are adorable!