My Vacation Beauty Essentials

I thought I'd share my beauty travel essentials with you today. This is one of the areas where packing can be tricky. Because of airline regulations and size constraints, I don't want to bring too much but I also like makeup, and so I don't want to feel totally deprived. So here's what I've brought with me for this vacation. 

A nice shampoo ensures that my blue hair will stay blue while I'm away, and a super strong dry shampoo will keep my hair from getting greasy on the long days.

I use products that will give me lots of moisture to keep my skin from getting dehydrated. 
Micellar water is portable, and is a quick way to feshen up.

Simple, lightweight products make sure I can get my makeup done quickly and also hide the dark circles that inevitably come from all the fun late nights.

I keep things very simple. The Clinique quad gives me color options while being compact. Waterproof mascara means I don't have to worry about getting raccoon eyes no matter what we end up doing. 

Two simple options will match whatever I decide to wear.

Other Stuff
A makeup mist will keep my makeup in place all day. I bring a small sample perfume that I like, and that way the next time I smell it will remind me of the trip.

Makeup Brushes
A sponge will apply face makeup, the shading and crease brush are for eye makeup, and the blush brush takes care of any powders.

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