What to Wear: First Day of School

Shirt: Thrift Store
Jeans: ASOS
Flats: Old Navy

For those of you dreading a new school year, I'm sorry if this blog post is a cruel reminder of the coming events. But for those of you who love what the beginning of the school year signifies, I hope this gets you excited to take those "first day" pictures.

Picking my "first day of school" outfit has always been a major process for me. Even when I was in 4th grade, I remember having a very specific idea of what I wanted to look like, down to the "ends flipped out" hairstyle I insisted my mom recreate. It's always been something I've planned weeks in advance. When I was younger, I tended to go full out on the first day. I wore all my newest, coolest, clothes. But this year, I'm keeping it really simple. A cute lace blouse and some bright blue jeans. It's not very elaborate and I haven't put a whole lot of thought into it. Maybe I don't care as much because I'm going to be in a classroom full of boys, who really don't pay attention to things like if your shoes match the rest of your outfit. Or maybe I'm just learning to appreciate that simplicity can be just as beautiful as complexity. 

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