A Fall Wardrobe in 12 Items or Less

Fall is probably my favorite season to dress for, because it's chilly enough to start layering but not so cold that I never want to take off my coat. So I was really excited to put together this Fall wardrobe. For whatever reason, I'm in a very preppy style mood at the moment, and so this capsule wardrobe definitely reflects that. So here's my 12 items for Fall!


White and black stripped shirt- Thrift store

White button up- H&M

New York sweater- H&M

Hunter green flannel shirt- Forever 21

I picked really simple, classic tops. Keeping the tops simple makes for more classic outfits. And I love this new flannel I got; it's such a pretty, dark color and you have to have a flannel for fall!


Dark blue jeans- Gap

Light blue jeans- Gap

Black tweed trousers- H&M

Jeans and more jeans! And then some tweed trousers, just to make things a little more interesting.


Orange letterman cardigan- Thrift store

Navy blazer- Modcloth

Again with the really classic pieces. I love this orange cardigan! It's the perfect color for Fall, and has such a great school vibe. And a navy blazer is such a versatile piece that can really transform an outfit. 


Knee high boots- Famous Footwear

Sperrys- Thrift store

Ankle boots- Modcloth

I didn't realize how monochrome my shoe choices were until I got them all together. I guess I must love brown shoes in Fall. Boots are my favorite for Fall, which is why I have a knee length and an ankle length pair. And these Sperrys are such a cute, comfortable, run out of the house shoes.

So these are my Fall picks. Just like with summer I'll be putting them together into my go to outfits later on this week!

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