Everything Green

Dress- Roolee
Shirt- Forever 21
Boots- ASOS

Josh has had one favorite color for his entire life. Here's a hint at what that color is- I'm wearing a lot of it in the pictures. I don't know why he loves green so much, but he's always loved it. His mom told me that once when he was little, probably 4 years old, he was drawing a nativity scene. He drew the manger with the baby Jesus in green, he drew Mary and Joseph in green, the shepherds were green, everything was green. And then once he'd drawn all that, he decided to fill eveything in with his green marker as well, so in the end it was just a giant green blob.
He must be wearing off on me, because, at least for now, I think green is my favorite color too. And the darker the better. That's why I love this dress and this shirt so much right now, they just seem like the perfect color for Fall. Maybe because it's such a contrast to all the colors of the leaves, or because darker colors just feel more like cold weather. Either way, Josh is definitely happy that I've been wearing so much green lately.

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