It's Happening Again

Dress: Clad and Cloth
Boots: Modcloth

I've always been the type of person that loves dresses and skirts, but every once in awhile I'll go through a phase were that's all I want to wear. And I am definitely in one of those phases right now. 
 I think people find dresses hard to pull off, which has always confused me. It's true that you can't do as many things in a dress as you can in pants. But as far as getting dressed goes, wearing a dress is so much easier than trying to put together a shirt and pants. I think that's one of the big reasons I've been loving them so much lately. Whenever I have one of those days were I'm running late or don't know what to wear (so bascially every day), I love that I can grab one of my dresses and go. It's such an effortless way to look great. 
So prepare yourselves to see a lot of dresses in future posts, because I'm pretty obsessed right now. 

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