One Week Down

Shirt: Thrift store
Jeans: Gap 
Shoes: Old Navy

With the first week of classes behind me, I can honestly say I'm really excited to be back in school. It's great to see all my friends again, and I'm actually loving all my classes. Maybe it's because I'm taking more generals than normal this semester, so I'm getting more variety in what I'm learning. I love my major, and those classes are always interesting to me, but there's only so many times I can talk about a 2x4 in a day before I want to hit myself with one.

One thing I haven't been enjoying is walking around in the sweltering heat. I pulled out all my Fall clothes a couple days ago, and I started excitedly planning outfits to wear, only to go outside and remember that it's still 90 degrees outside. So for now I'll just have to stare at my sweaters and cardigans longingly until the weather catches up with the calendar.

P.S. Next week I'll be sharing all my Fall blog posts, so be sure to look for them! I'll have outfit, makeup, and hairstyle ideas! 

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