Saddle Club Chic

I never really went through a horse phase when I was a kid, but my brothers definitely did. Having a neighbor who owned horses meant that we got to go riding every once in awhile, and one of my brothers took horse lessons for awhile. There was also a tv show that we always watched-and I don't know if that was because I liked it, or because of my brothers' horse interest- and that show was "The Saddle Club". It's a show about three pre-teen girls who all love horses and all the drama that goes on at their riding school. I watched it religously whenever it was on. I always loved their riding outfits, particularly the snobby rich girl's, who would always show up in a crisp button up, a bright blazer, and knee high riding boots. When I put this on today, the white button up and the knee high boots reminded me of the Saddle Club outfits. Now I just have to find myself a horse.

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