Two Fall Hairstyles

When I think of Fall hair, I immediately think of braids. I'm not exactly sure why, but they just seem to fit with the whole Fall vibe really well. Right now, my hair is still a bit short to do any kind of fun braid, so I've got a couple different Fall hairstyles today!

Loose curls

 I loved doing my hair in really tight, messy curls when I had blue hair, but now that I'm back to brown I like the bigger, looser curls. Not only are they quicker to do, but I feel like they're more grown-up looking. I used a 1.5-1 in. curling wand, and curled the bottom half of my hair.

High Ponytail Curled

 Having a bit of curl makes this look a little nicer than an average ponytail, but without any extra effort. Because honestly, this is what I do with my hair when I've curled it the day before, but am running late the next morning. To make yourself look extra put together, add a bit of black ribbon.
Because my hair is still kind of short, I put the top half of my hair in one ponytail, and the bottom half in another ponytail just below the first one. This makes my hair look a little longer, and gives my ponytail a little more volume.

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