Meet Waldo

Today I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of our household- Waldo. Josh's parents' cat had kittens in July, and as soon as Josh saw this adorable three footed one he knew we needed to have him. Waldo is a very adorable, very energetic kitten. One of his feet got caught in the umbilical cord when he was born, and had to be cut off, which so he only has three feet. He can jump and climb pretty well without it. He loves to explore. His favorite spot in the apartment is the closet in our study. He loves to play with toys that dangle, like his mouse on a string, and toys he can roll around. He also thinks any kind of cord, or headphones, are great toys. He loves to cuddle, which is great! As I'm writing this he's sleeping on my lap. Is there anything more relaxing than a purring kitten?

He also really likes the bathtub, as long as the water isn't on.

Please forgive me in advance for posting/talking about my kitten all the time. I'm going to try really hard to not become that cat lady who always posts pictures of her cat, but he's so cute guys! 

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