My 23 Favorite Things On My 23rd Birthday

1. Getting packages in the mail
2. Kissing my husband when he's working at his desk
3. Rainy Saturday mornings
4. Autumn scented candles
5. Coldplay's Viva La Vida album
6. Brick Oven with my girl friends
7. Days at the bay in Cape Cod
8. Red orange lipstick
9. Grandpa's bacon and eggs breakfast he always makes when we visit
10. Planning fantasy vacations on Airbnb
11. Family hikes at nature centers where my dad used to work
12. Listening to my brother's dinner conversations
13. When my husband indulges my need for junk food
14. Cuddles with my sweet kitty
15. Listening to Mumford and Sons in the car
16. Seeing pictures of my friends' cute babies
17. Successfully making a Pinterest recipe
18. General Conference weekend
19. Wearing a dress
20. Going to Yankee games
21. Phone calls with my mom
22. High school friends' wedding receptions
23. Eating breakfast with my best friend every morning

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