Our First Apartment

Well, a year after we moved in, I've finally got a house tour put together! It's just a little basement apartment in an old house, but we like it and it's treated us very well so far. Let me show you around!

Our wreath and doormat are from Target. This will be a common theme throughout the apartment. Pretty sure 80% of our aparment decorations are from Target.

I love these national park posters. Josh got ours off Amazon.

Since Josh and I both served LDS missions, we have a little collage at the end of the hall. It's a fun reminder to walk past every day.

We got our couch from my aunt, and the chairs were already here when we moved in so yay for free furniture! I love the rug in this room! I feel like it really ties all the colors in the room together. The letters on the wall are from our wedding reception, and it's fun to have them on display, although I think I may want to add some color behind it. The wall mirror is one of my prouder diy moments, and I did a tutorial for it here

The kitchen was one of the biggest selling points of the apartment for me. We've got lots of room, and it's a great space to eat and cook. My very talented friend did the painting above the stove.

We got lucky again with the furniture, the table and chairs, along with the little shelves, came with the apartment. I painted all of them to add a little more color to the space.

This room is supposed to be the living room, but it worked better for us to have it be the study.

Josh and I each have our own separate work areas, although his is much more of an established set-up than mine. I tried to keep copper tones going throughout the house to tie things together, so I added it to our bookcases (more about that here).

The bathroom is small and very yellow, so I added a lot of light blues to try and compensate.

Since storage is so limited this over the toilet shelving is really great. We got ours at Target.

I love these pictures of Josh and I, which our friend took back when we were 16 and had just started dating.

The mirror piece above our bed was definitely our most extravagent purchase, but it was made mostly with gift cards. We got it at Pier One. I love how interesting and bold a statement it is, especially since we went with a really simple bed, which we got at Ikea. Our comforter and throw pillows are from Amazon.

We got the dresser from Josh's parents, and painted it white and copper to match the rest of the furniture in the apartment.

That's about everything! Decorating my own house has been something that I've always dreamed about, so I've had a lot of fun over the past year adding things to our apartment. I'm glad we took the time to make it a pretty, comfortable space, even though we're not sure how long we'll be here. It's really nice to be able to come home and the end of the day and relax in an environment I like. I hope you enjoyed having a look around!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I'm catching up on your blog and I love the photos you put up that I took back in the good old days! Thank you for using them to decorate your lovely home <3