What To Wear: On Your Birthday

Shirt: H&M
Dress: Paige Avenue
Tights: Target
Shoes: Modcloth

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I'm very excited about it! As with any special occasion in my life, I like to plan out what I wear on my birthday. Clothes are a big part of how I express myself, so I want to express what 23 is going to mean for me. And I think 23 will be a year of experimenting and exploring, and becoming more of a grown up. 23 just seems much more removed from being a teenager than 22.
So because I am me, and I have very predictable style choices, I'm wearing a dress. I love this courderoy jumper! It's such a pretty dark color, and it's soft and cozy feeling. I'm pairing it with a button-up and ankle boots. I've been liking preppy style clothes, and this is definitely a very preppy outfit. It also fits what I'll be doing for my birthday, dinner out with my family and then cake afterward. Overall, this is an outfit that's going to make me feel special, and I think that's most important on a birthday. 

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