My Makeup Brushes

Today I thought I'd share my makeup brush collection with you. It's only been in the last year that I've started using real makeup brushes; and by real I mean not the ones that come with the makeup and/or my fingers. Although both of those work, I've found that it is nice to have some good, sturdy makeup brushes. All the ones I'm currently using are from the brand Real Techniques. They are the most affordable brushes I've found that are also great quality. I've had most of these brushes over a year and they're all holding up great. So here's the brushes I have and the things I use them for. 

From Left to Right: Foundation Brush, Concealor Brush, Expert Face Brush, Miracle Complexion Sponge

Miracle Complexion Sponge - This is Real Techniques version of the Beauty Blender. It's a sponge that can be used to apply just about any face product. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only bring one makeup brush, this would be it. I use it just about every day to apply my foundation and concealor. I like to dab my foundation/concealor on my face with my fingers, then get this a little wet and use it to blend my makeup into my face. It makes makeup blend into your face and look really natural.
Expert Face Brush - This is a really dense brush that's great for applying lots of different products. I know a lot of people like to use it to apply foundation, which I've done a couple times. But the main thing I like to use this brush for is cream highlighters and blushes. It's dense enough that the product doesn't get lost in the brush, and it applys really evenly.
Concealor Brush - I think you can tell by the name what this brush does. This is great for concealer because it's easy to get it into the creases around your eyes. I've found that it works better with some concealers than others. Right now I'm using a Bare Minerals concealor that's really thin, and that's easy to apply with the sponge. But with thicker foundations this works great.
Foundation Brush - Another very obvious brush name. This does a great job at applying foundation, but I've found that it takes longer than the sponge, so I normally only use this with foundations that are a thinner consistency.

From left to right: Blush Brush, Sculpting Brush

Sculpting Brush - This is the newest brush to my collection by I really like it. It's great for applying bronzer or contouring because it's got a really nice angle. 
Blush Brush - This is the brush I use to apply all my powdered products, which is mostly blush, but sometimes includes highlighter or bronzer. It's a big, fluffy brush and I love it.

From left to right: Shading Brush, Crease Brush

Crease Brush - This is a great blending brush. I use it to apply all the eyeshadows to my crease, or the inner or outer corners of my eyes. It's great at getting only a little bit of product, which is good when you  only want the color in a specific area.
Shading Brush - This is the brush I use for my main eyeshadows, that go all over my lid, or below my eyebrow. It's also great for blending, and can really help smooth colors out.

So those are all the brushes I use. I love that they're so affordable and so high quality. If I had to pare down even more and pick my three essentials, they would definitley be the miracle complexion sponge, the blush brush, and the shading brush. With those three, a person could do just about anything. 

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