I Did It Again

Turtleneck:Forever 21  Cardigan:Thrift shop  Jeans:Gap  Boots:ASOS
It happens at least once a year, normally around the start of winter. I get this urge to get blunt bangs again. Like most people, I have a love/hate relationship with bangs. Most of the time, I really like how they look. Most of the time. The rest of the time, bangs drive me crazy. They're such high maintenance. I have to trim them every couple of weeks, and I'm terrible and getting them to come out even. They get in my way. Windy or cold days make them look terrible. And sometimes I just want to be able to pull all the hair out of my face. So I always end up keeping them for a few months, and then getting fed up and growing them out. Only to decide several months later, just as they're getting long enough to blend in with the rest of my hair, that I want bangs again. It's a neverending cycle that I voluntarily inflict on myself. 
And now we're back at the beginning of the cycle. I cut the bangs myself this time, which was pretty terrifying, and I think they turned out pretty good. I know that around April when it starts getting warm I'll be fed up with them, but right now I'm loving having bangs. It will be fun while it lasts.

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