My Winter Coats

This year I decided to invest in a couple winter coats. Since I wear a coat practically every day from the end of November till March, I decided it was worth investing a little more money into them than I would normally spend on an article of clothing. And since I want these coats to last for a long time, I was really careful about the quality and the styles I picked.

Turtleneck:Forever 21  Overalls:Old Navy  Coat:J.Crew  Boots:Modcloth
I love wearing colorful coats in winter because the weather is so often gloomy, and a bright coat on a cloudy days really cheers me up. So this bright red coat seemed like the perfect idea. It's wool, so it's super warm, and I like how fluffy the faux fur on the hood is. The fur is detachable, which is nice when I want to make the coat a little less bulky. I definitely see this as the coat that I'll be wearing on really snowy days.

Shirt:Modcloth  Coat:Urban Outfitters  Jeans:Gap  Boots:Modcloth
I got this coat to wear when I'm doing this outside in the snow, like skiing or sledding. It's enough to keep me warm, but also light enough that I could take it off and tie it around my waist if I get too warm. And I like that the lines run vertically inside of horizontally like you normally see on quilted coats. 

Sweater:Loft  Coat:J.Crew  Jeans:Gap  Flats:Old Navy
I wanted a really dark, classic coat, something that would go with everything and look really good for a long time. This coat definitely checks all those boxes. It's also wool like the other one from J.Crew and it's really warm. It's a shorter length, which is nice because it doesn't drown me in coat. And the gold buttons make it feel really classic.

I'm really happy with all these coats and intend to keep them around for a long time. Now I'm ready and excited for the cold and snow!

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