A Little Waldo Update

Since it's been a few months since we got him, I thought I'd give a little update on our kitten, Waldo. Also, I had a bunch of cute pictures of him I wanted to share.

Waldo is now six months old, and he's been growing a lot lately. He's still really friendly and loves to snuggle. He loves toys that he can chase, especially a duck on a string that he got for Christmas. He'll often drag his ducky to Josh or I and meow at us to play. He's very vocal, and is sometimes a little too loud, so we're working on teaching him to be a little quieter. We took him outside to see the snow one day, and he didn't like it at all, and seems to be very content being an inside cat. 

He loves small spaces, including my bottom dresser drawer. He'd sleep in there if I let him. 

He loves laundry day.

We got him his own little bed, where he loves to nap and watch Josh at his computer.

Basically he's just really adorable, and a really great kitty 95% of the time. We're really happy to have him be our kitten.

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