Five Go To Winter Outfits

Snowed In

Turtleneck: Forever 21  Cardigan: JCPenny  Leggings: Target
If I'm going to be spending all day in my house watching the snow outside, I want to be comfortable. I also like to wear something bright and colorful, to make up for all the grey outside. 

Day in the Snow

Sweater: Gap  Coat: Urban Outfitters  Leggings: Target  Boots: Famous Footwear
When I'm spending a day skiing or sledding, I want to stay dry and warm. And this sweater paired with this puffer coat will do just that.  

Studying and Test-taking

Turtleneck: Forever 21  Flannel: Forever 21  Jeans: ASOS  Boots: Famous Footwear
 If I'm being honest, this is what I'll spend most of my winter doing. This outfit is comfortable, it's easy to throw on in the morning, and there's a million ways to vary it from day to day. 

Night Downtown

Turtleneck: Forever 21  Dress: Paige Avenue  Coat: JCrew  Boots: ASOS
I feel like there's a lot of occasions during winter to go out and walk around downtown, whether it's for Christmas lights, New Years Eve, or a Valentine's date. It can be hard to find a cute outfit that will also keep you warm while you're walking around. This dress will be cute and fit well under this cute, warm coat.

Dark Day Pick Me Up

Sweater: Gap  Coat: JCrew  Jeans: ASOS  Boots: ASOS
On cold, dark, cloudy days (which there are a lot of around here), it can be really easy to start feeling gloomy. Which is why I like to compensate by wearing bright, colorful on days like that. This sweater and coat are perfect for gloomy days. 

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