January Favorites

January's been a really fun month, and a really busy month. I've been getting used to my new school schedule and learning how to balance all the homework I have. There aren't many new things I've been loving, but the ones I've included in here are all really good! 


Zoeva Blac Fusion Palette - This was a Christmas present from my parents. I love the variety of the colors, and that it's half shimmer/ half matte. That makes it really versatile.

Sugar Advanced Therapy Chapstick - I always have dry, chapped lips, and in winter it gets especially bad. I love this chapstick because it's so light and so hydrating. It doesn't feel goopy and it stays on for a long time before I have to reapply it. 


I have been all about graphic tees this month, which hasn't been the smartest fashion choice, considering it's snowed more days than it hasn't this month (so by default I've also been very into layering.) Here are some of my favorite graphic tees:


I hope you've all had a great January! 

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