February Favorites

The shortest month of the year is finished and I've got a short list of favorites to share! 

Pond's Evening Soothe Makeup Wipes: These makeup wipes are really soothing. They smell like lavender and chamomile. They' smell so relaxing that every time I use them I want to go right to sleep. I keep them under my bed for especially lazy nights when I don't want to wash my face.
Delectable Hand Cream: My hands get really dry in the winter, but most lotions and hand creams are so sticky that I don't like using them, at least not within five minutes of needing to turn a door handle. This one smells like lemon pie, and absorbs quickly, so I don't end up a captive in the bathroom.
Soap and Glory Heel Genius: My feet get even drier than my hands, but this has helped keep them soft and moisturized. It's got a little bit of a weird texture, but it works really well.

Blue puffer coat: This coat has been perfect for the weather this month. It's been raining a lot, and on the warmer side for February, so this has been the perfect light-weight coat. And I like that the stitches run vertically instead of horizontally. It keeps me from looking like a marshmallow.
Colorful grey sweater: It has been warm for February, but not so warm that I've been able to pull out my t-shirts just yet. This sweater is thick enough to keep me warm without a coat, but not so thick that I can't layer things over it. And I like all the bright colors.
Red suede vans: I've been doing a lot of walking from one side of campus to the other, and these shoes are comfortable all day. 

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