Some Quotes from My Brothers

When we discussed Spencer's love for my brother-in-law's dog.

Me: You've met Kelvin once. 
Spencer: He's my best friend. 

When Spencer discussed his feelings on Hamlet.

Hamlet is ruining the Lion King for me. That part where the ghost is disappearing and he says "Remember me" he's super lame and weak sounding. All I can think is Mufasa did it so much better!

When Matthew was the more practical one.

Mom: Why don't you run home and get them?
Matthew: Because she could drive there.

Shirt:Old Navy  Jacket:Thrift store  Jeans:Gap  Sneakers:Shop Stevie
And then the moment when we found out just how vain Spencer is.

Mom: You're going to have to cut your hair sooner rather than later. I don't think Dad and I can stand it till March. 
Spencer: You don't have to stand it. I have to stand it. 
Mom; Well you don't look at yourself as much as we look at you.
Spencer: Actually Mom, I do.

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