A Spring Wardrobe in 12 Items or Less

Spring is the most difficult season to dress for, at least in Utah. This is largely due to the fact that the weather is so unpredictable; it could be sunny one day and snowy the next. Or sunny and snowy in the same day. So weather-proof clothes and layering pieces are a big part of this capsule wardrobe. 

Adidas tee- Adidas
White and black striped shirt- Thrift store 
Star Wars tee- Thrift store

Most of these shirts are thin, which makes them perfect for layering on cold days. And they'd look fine on their own once the weather warms up.

Red raincoat- Burlington Coat Factory

This red raincoat has lasted me for years, and kept me dry through the wettest South Carolina storms. 

Black polka dot skirt- Thrift store
Light jeans- ASOS
Track pants- Adidas
Leather leggings- Be Here Now clothing

Since the weather is still mostly cold, I prefer pants in spring, and save my dresses for summer. All these bottoms are neutrals, so they combine well with any tops. 

Adidas sneakers- Adidas
Nude flats- Old Navy

I do a lot of walking in the spring, so flats are my preferred type of shoe. These two will go with anything, The sneakers are great for everyday, the flats for anything a little fancier.

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