An Easy Way To Update Your House, Without Spending Any Money

Last week I decided to do a bit of spring cleaning since I had a day off school. And, just as usual, my little tidy up turned into a bit more of a project. 

When I was younger, I would constantly rearrange my room. Every few months, I would drag all my stuff out into the hallway, and pull my furniture around to make a new arrangement. It was not uncommon for my family to walk into my room and find everything in a different place. I loved doing this so much because it made me room feel new and exciting again.

So now whenever I'm getting a little bored with the way our house looks, I do the same thing. This time, the rearranging was pretty minor, but even a little change can make things look different.

Most of my changes were to our living room. Ever since we got Waldo, he's kind of taken over the space. Having all his toys, food, and cat towers in one room was great when he was little because then we could keep him in one room when we were gone. But now that he's older and we can trust him not to get into trouble, I thought it was time to spread his things out a bit. I moved one of the bookcases from the study into the living room, and put Waldo's cat towers in the study. That way he still can look out both windows (one of his favorite pastimes) and the living room doesn't scream "we own a cat" quite so much.

The other rearranging I did was on the walls. I took all the pictures that were scattered around the living room and hung them on one wall. I feel like this simplified the room and created more of a focal point as well.

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