Five Go To Spring Outfits

When Winter Comes Back

As much as we don't like to admit it, we know it's going to happen. There will be days in spring that are cold and wet (even snowy). On those days it's important to have a weatherproof coat and something to keep you warm, like my trusty black beanie. 

Watching a Baseball Game

We spend a good amount of time sitting in bleachers watching baseball in my family. While going to a game doesn't really require dressing athletically, it just seems to fit the environment. I like these track pants because they're really comfortable, and they look a lot better than sweats. 

Spring Wedding

I really like combining patterns, and this is a great combination. The colors are similar and the patterns are simple so they look cute combined without being too much to look at. 

The Week Before Finals

The week before finals is almost busier than finals week for me because I've got so many projects and papers due. I spend a lot of time in a computer lab, so my track pants are great for that. Everything in this outfit is really comfortable and really easy to throw on, that's the key. 

An Afternoon in the Park

Once it gets warm, it's nice to go hang out in a park for awhile. We're getting Waldo a cat leash, so we'll see if he likes being outside (hopefully it goes well). Walking around and sitting on grass doesn't call for any kind of special outfit, which is why a t-shirt and jeans is perfect. I especially like my Star Wars shirt with these jeans; I feel like the brightness of the jeans brings out the color in the shirt. 

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