March Favorites

This month has been all about skincare favorites for me. I went back to one of my favorite skincare brands, so almost all of these are Ole Henriksen. I like their brand because the products are so simple and work so well. I've also been trying face masks more, and have found a couple good ones. 

Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Foaming Cleanser- This is the gentlest cleanser I've ever used. Some cleansers make me feel like they're scrubbing off my skin, or stripping all the moisture and oil off my face. This doesn't feel like it's doing anything, but after I wash my face it feels so soft and fresh. Plus it smells nice and citrus-y. 
Ole Henriksen Truth Serum- When I use this, my skin feels so much healthier. It feels less dry, more bright, and I think it also evens out my skin tone a bit. 
Loreal Detox and Brighten Clay Mask- This is an intense mask. It's the kind that really cleans out your pores and leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. 
Loreal Exfoliate and Refine Clay Mask- This is a really refreshing mask. As you take it off, it exfoliates your skin in a really gentle way. It makes my skin feel fresh without feeling scrubbed.
Glamglow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer- This has almost replaced my foundation. It's a moisturizer that also illuminates skin. It makes skin look really fresh and glowy. 
Curel Hydratherapy Lotion- I'm really lazy when it comes to body lotion. It takes so long to rub in, and then tends to leave me feeling kind of slippery. So I love this lotion because you put it on right after you get out of the shower, and then towel dry as usual. The result is that my skin feels really moisturized, but doesn't take that long to put on and my skin isn't slippery.
Mayfair Soap Foundry Sea Lily Jasmine Bubble Bath- This is just a bubble bath that smells really good. It's hard to describe scents, so I won't try to tell you what the "notes" of the fragrance are. But the thing that I love most about the smell is that it manages to be floral while also smelling fresh. Which is why it's such a great bubble bath scent; it's relaxing and refreshing at the same time.

I hope you've had a good March!

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