Packing School Lunch: College Edition

Packing lunch in college can be kind of difficult. Space is probably the biggest issue. I carry around my lunch in my backpack, along with all my textbooks, notebooks, and my laptop. I'm also on campus for several hours before lunchtime, making it hard to bring anything that needs to be refrigerated or heated.
Last semester I dealt with this by going home for lunch most days. The few days I had to eat lunch at school I would just buy something on campus. Buying lunch on campus wasn't the cheapest, or the healthiest, but I rarely needed to, so I didn't worry about it. But this semester, I'm on campus all day just about every day of the week, so I had to come up with a way to bring lunch with me.

After a couple of days of squished sandwiches, I started to think there must be something a little less elementary school that I could make for lunch. But I was having a really hard time thinking of any meal that could survive in a backpack for a few hours. 

And that's when I found this article, on the perfect lunch to bring hiking. And I realized something, that maybe should have been apparent all along- lunch doesn't have to be made up of one cohesive item. Lunch could just be a collection of a lot of individual foods.

 I looked into lunch boxes with compartments, and found Yumbox had the best reviews, especially when it came to not leaking. It's durable, comes in cute colors, and has different sections for every food group. I've been eating a lot more fruits and vegetables since I started using this.

This is probably my most common lunch. I pack some cheese, deli meat, and avocado, which I'll either eat together, or bring a couple slices of bread and make a sandwich. I also always pack some fruits and vegetables, in this case apples and cucumbers. 

Other times I'll make some tortellini or ravioli. I like to cover it with pesto. Unlike my grandmother, I like eggs, so I sometimes bring some hard-boiled ones. And that little hole in the middle is a great compartment for a little treat.

I also really like this lemon rice, which tastes really good with avocado in it. Grapes and carrots are easy to fit into the fruit and vegetable compartments. And almonds, especially the lightly salted ones, are a good filler food.

So that's how I learned to pack my own lunch for college, and some of my favorite lunches to eat!

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