Happy Memorial Day Weekend And Some Quotes From Life Lately

When we discussed classical music during dinner. 

Mom: "I listened to the Woodstock record at my neighbor's house. It was scandalous because you could tell they were..." 
Me: "High?"
Matthew: "Drunk?"
Mom: "Naked."

When Josh realized the importance of punctuation.

"I would make a good Mexican, girl. That was I would make a good Mexican comma girl. Not I would make a good Mexican girl." 

When math class went on a tangent. 

"We were all kind of sad when Grandpa died. We were kind of relieved when Grandma died."
- Professor Farnsworth

When big promises were made during construction management presidency elections.

Student: "What would you do for us in terms of swag?"
Presidency candidate: "Well, we're gonna get new cheerleading uniforms. And I'm going to put a glitter Bonne Bell dispenser in the girls' bathroom. Anyway, vote for me and all your wildest dreams will come true."

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