Life Lately

May has been a month of big changes for me, mainly because I started a summer internship with Jacobsen Construction. I'm working in their main office in the VDC department, which means I'm learning all about how to model buildings on the computer to make sure all the pipes and wires in the walls aren't running into each other. I've also been able to go to meetings with architects, fly a drone around a job site, and follow a safety supervisor around for a day. 

My lovely desk, with all my notes along the bottom.
I'm learning a lot and really enjoying myself. But I think it will still take a little time for me to adjust to the long commute.

Josh turned 23 on the 11th, and we had a couple celebrations for him, including this one. The only candles we had in the house were big table candles, so we improvised.

Waldo has been growing like a weed the last couple months. He'll be a year old next month, and so we think he's about full grown now. He's still a very playful, vocal cat. He likes to find hiding places around the apartment, and jumps out at us when we walk by. He's getting more adventurous when it comes to going outside, but he definitely prefers to sit at the window and growl at the birds.

At church, I've been teaching the 10-11 year old girls for almost two years, and we always have very entertaining lessons. Josh just recieved a calling to work with the young men, which is his dream calling, so that should be a fun new adventure for him.

We also had a couple big family events this month. My brother Spencer graduated from seminary and high school last week. It made me feel pretty old to be sitting at my littlest brother's graduation five years after mine.

Over Memorial Day weekend, all my Mom's family came into town for my cousin Lexi's baptism. It was fun to have everyone together for a special event. Our family is getting bigger, but I'm really glad that we're all still able to get together a few times a year. 

So it's been a busy month, but a really exciting month. I hope you all had a good May as well!

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