Some Saturday Morning Reading

Life has gotten a little busier around here the past couple weeks. I started my summer internship with Jacobsen Construction last week, and it's been stimulant overload ever since. I'm in the visual design department, so there's been a lot of software and terminology thrown at me. But now, after my first full week, some stuff is starting to make sense and I'm starting to adjust to the schedule. So I'll be spending most of the weekend playing catch up on all the errands I didn't do during the week, and reading all the blog posts I've missed out on. Here are some that I have managed to read.  

I love this retro house in Salt Lake.

I want to make, and eat, all of these.

Boxer braids may become my new go to hairstyle.

Pink flamingos are the best wall decoration.

All the clogs! I just bought a pair, and I'm excited to see if I like them.

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