June Favorites

This month I've got lots of nude lip glosses, and a very interesting pair of pants. 

Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara- This is the mascara of my dreams. I am a big fan of feathery, natural looking lashes, and this mascara gives me just that. The only complaint I have with it is that it smudges fairly easily. So don't wear this if there's any risk you'll cry that day.

ColorPop Liquid Lipsticks- I decided I didn't have enough everyday lip colors, so I orded a bunch from ColorPop last month. These three are the winners. The satin ones are my favorites.
Magic wand- This one is satin finish. It's neutral with a little bit of brown to it.
Midi- This is the matte finish. It's just darker than my natural lip.
Little-stitious- This one is just a bit pinker than my natural lip. It's a satin finish.

Wide black trousers- These were something I never thought I'd like; I tried them on a whim, and I've barely worn anything else this month. They're so comfortable and so lightweight, which has been great in the heat.
Gold eye hoop earrings- I love how interesting and how simple these are.

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