Quotes From Life Lately

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I've been slacking on writing down the funny things people have been saying lately, so these are a bit old, but still very funny. 

When Matthew expressed his true feelings on feminism.
"I'm actually okay with feminism, when it's not right in front of me."
- Matthew

When Matthew cleared up a common misconception.
"Teenagers don't actually eat that much. Mormons do."

When Grandma gave some great dating advice.
Me: "You don't want to be taking biology with a bunch of freshman."
Grandma: "That's how you get a woman."

When taking family pictures with lots of small kids was a little too much for Matthew.
"If I pay for all of us to go out to lunch, will you promise not to make us take family pictures until all my kids are fifteen?"
- Matthew

When there was a little bit of confusion about who was running for Congress.
Matthew: Who's even running against John Curtis?
Dad: Herrod.
Matthew: Jared? No wait, that's the jeweler guy.

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