Washington DC

After our trip to New York, we took the train down to DC for a few days to visit Josh's family. 

We spent most of our time on the military base with Josh's family. The base is right by the Potomac river, so we took some canoes and paddle boards out one day. I'd never been on a paddle board before and it was not as hard to balance as I thought it would be (although Josh did have a bit of a hard time at first, as you can see in the video).

We also were able to snag a few tickets to the new Museum of African American History and Culture. It's been open less than a year, and it's really hard to get tickets. When we got there it was easy to see why there's restricted entry; we've never been to a more crowded museum. The museum was really narrative, starting in the 1400s and going to current day, telling the story of African Americans in America. My favorite part of the museum was the reflection room, which was really peaceful (not crowded) and had lots of great quotes on the wall.

It was such a fun visit, and we're looking forward seeing Josh's family again soon!

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