On Feminism and Polka Dots

Shirt: Two Songs  Skirt: Thrift store  Sandals: Modcloth

As I was thinking about how to caption this outfit on Instagram, the combination of the GRL PWR
 t-shirt and polka dot skirt made me think of one of my favorite scenes from the TV show "New Girl". In the scene, the main character Jess confronts her lawyer when she makes a snarky comment about Jess getting fined for braking for a bird. And then Jess makes this magnificent speech.

I think there is a general perception in the world that the more feminine a person is, the weaker and less capable they are. People are often impressed when I tell them I'm majoring in construction management, but I doubt I'd get the same reaction if I said interior design. Those feelings even carry over into feminism.  I've often felt ostrasized from the mainstream feminist movement because of how feminine my personality is. That caring about the clothes I wear, or spending a lot of time on Pinterest makes me silly, or shallow. Or at least, not as feminist as the women who spend their free time learning to code and writing essays about the patriarchy. Which is why I love what Jess says here, because she's making the point that a person's interests and personal style don't affect their strength or their intelligence. Polka dots are not a sign of weakness. So I think I will keep wearing them with my GRL PWR t-shirt. I think they're a good combination.

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