Outfit Ideas For The First Day Of School

As I'm beginning to mentally prepare myself to shift from summer mode to school year, one of the first things I always start thinking about is my "first day of school" outfit. Having a fun outfit gives me a lot of confidence for the first day, and makes leaving summer behind more bearable. So today I thought I'd share some of the options I've been thinking about. 

Shirt:H&M  Pants:River Island  Boots:ASOS  Backpack:Paige Avenue

I love how this outfit has a bit of a preppy vibe to it. These gingham pants are amazing because they look quite dressy, but they feel like I'm wearing leggings. And while these ankle boots are kind of impractical for walking around campus all day, I love them enough to deal with it.

Shirt:Nordstrom  Jacket:Pull & Bear  Jeans:Gap   Shoes:Adidas  Backpack:Amazon

I'm all about denim on denim, especially these jeans with this denim jacket. I really like matching suit sets, and I feel like this is the denim version of that. And I always love a good graphic t-shirt. 

Jumpsuit:Roolee  Bandana:ASOS  Sandals:Modcloth  Backpack:Target

Jumpsuits are the perfect go to, because they require so little thought to make them look good. Just by adding a red bandana, I have a great outfit. 

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