Things I Will Miss About Our First Apartment

We are now officially moved into our new apartment! It's still a mess, and probably will be for the next few weeks. But I tend to get pretty obessed and engulfed in projects like organizing a new space, so it will be put together soon. So a new apartment tour will be coming by the end of the month.

But today I want to say a proper goodbye to our old apartment. That little basement was home for the first two years we were married. It had its fair share of flaws; I will not miss drowning a couple spiders in the bathtub every morning before I shower. But there are plenty of things I will miss. 

1. Doing all the dishes by hand. 

While not having a dishwasher usually meant our sink was full of dirty dishes, I really have loved washing the dishes by hand. Somehow it always felt like a break. I'm often guilty of multi-tasking, which makes my mind go a dozen directions at once. But washing the dishes was all-consuming. Because of the noise of the water, I'd often have to turn off my podcast or the Netflix show I was watching. So it ended up being a moment of stillness in the day. I'll miss the quiet moments washing the dishes forced me to have.

2. Watching Waldo sprint around the house after an elusive fly. 

He rarely caught them, and when he did he'd just tap them with his paw a few times before letting them go. And then the game would start all over again. 

3. Cramming friends into our living room for dinner parties.

It was always cramped and people constantly bumped into each other, but the limited space made for inventive solutions. Josh always made sure we had good food, and having all our friends in one space for a few hours made for great coversations.

4. Dashing past the living room window to get from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Waldo would frequently pull the curtain rod on the window down, and it's a real struggle to drill the supports into the wall. So the next few days would start with a quick sprint to the bedroom after a shower, so the neighbors wouldn't see us running around the house in a towel.

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