I Am Not Leslie Knope, And Maybe That's Okay

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A couple weeks ago I was having a particularly stressful day, during what was already a particularly stressful week. It was a familar kind of stress, one that I'd dealt with a lot during my last semester of school. I was feeling overwhelmed by everything on my to do list, while also feeling like my to do list wasn't long enough. Am I doing enough to ensure I'll get a good summer internship? Am I going to enough of the activities my major puts on? Am I making a good impression on the industry professionals I meet? Is it bad that I'm not working during the semester? 
Because I was feeling stressed, I did something I've been trying to avoid- buy food on campus. So as I was standing in line at Jamba Juice, I realized why I was so stressed about all that stuff. I had done something I swore I would never do- I'd picked a business major. 
 The person that I think of when I think "business major" is the exact opposite of me in about every way. I am not a do everything, be everywhere, talk to everyone type of person. I don't have the energy. Even being in the Tanner building exhausts me, watching all the people who are constantly dressed up, constantly handing out business cards, and constantly going to events. At its heart, construction management is a business degree, just a very specific, tailored-to-one-industry business degree. So there are expectations that we as students will have internships, go to lots of events, and meet top professionals in the industry. I've been doing those things, but there are always more events or more people to meet, and my people-pleasing self feels guilty skipping anything, which is why I've felt so constantly behind for the past two years.
I realized that I've been trying to be Leslie Knope- involved in everything, always looking for the next great promotion, shows up to any meeting with muffins and a full scrapbook about the issue. But I'm not really a Leslie Knope type of person. I'm much more of a Ron Swanson- interested in a few things, and only likes to invest time and energy in things that matter. 
The amazing thing is Leslie and Ron are both inspiring, successful people. So maybe it would be okay, if I acted more like Ron and less like Leslie. Maybe I'd still be able to get a great summer internship, and contribute to my major if I deliberately participated in some things, rather than trying to do everything.
So that's what I've been trying to do. I've been going to info sessions and recruitment fairs, but I've been more deliberate about the people I've choosen to talk to. I've been focusing my energy on the companies and events that interest me, and haven't been worrying about the 20 other opportunities I'm passing up. And so far it's been a great strategy. 

So I'm not Leslie Knope, and maybe that's okay.

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