Life Lately

September has been a pretty lovely month. We didn't get up to much; we mostly just stayed around home and enjoyed the cold weather and our new apartment. 

The biggest event this month was the start of the school year. I have three semesters left, so the end is in sight! I'm taking pretty heavy class loads so I can finish quickly, but luckily I like most of my classes. Even trigonometry isn't as bad as I expected it to be. I've also been pretty busy going to info sessions and career fairs to get a jumpstart on finding a summer internship. I've been able to talk to a few interesting companies, so I'd say I'm off to a good start. 

We've now lived in our apartment for two months, and we're really enjoying the new space. We've got just about everything in its place and decorated the way I like. I shared some pictures of our bedroom and bathroom last week, and I'll be showing you the rest of the apartment next week. 

Speaking of someone who loves the new apartment, Waldo has become quite the outdoor cat the last few weeks. He loves to sit out on our balcony and watch everyone come and go. He doesn't even seem to mind the neighbor's dog, who occasionally comes out and barks at him. He's become a bit of a hunter too. Last week he proudly showed us a gigantic dragonfly he'd managed to snatch. 

We hope you all had a great September! 

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