Our Second Apartment: Bedroom and Bathroom

We've been living in our new apartment for almost two months now, and we're really loving it. It's not much bigger than our first apartment, but it does have actual windows (and ceilings more than seven feet tall) so it feels much more spacious. 

I thought I'd break the apartment tour into two parts, mainly because I wanted to show you guys the apartment, but the living room isn't quite finished yet. So today I'll be showing you around the bedroom and bathroom. 

Bed:Ikea  Nightstands:Ikea  Duvet Cover:Ikea  Pictures:Artifact Uprising  Picture Mats:Joanns

The nightstands were really what set the color palette for the bedroom. Josh likes pieces that have an industrial feel to them, and his favorite color is green, so when we were walking around Ikea and saw these green metal cabinets, we decided they'd be perfect. They've worked really well, and I like that they have doors so all the random stuff we keep in them isn't on display. We kept our Ikea bed, but changed the sheets and duvet cover to this cute green striped pattern.

The pictures above our beds are from Artifact Uprising. We used picture mats to frame them and stick them to the wall.

We kept one of our bookcases from our first apartment, and got rid of the bronze paint to make it all white. It stores most of our books, and my sewing machine. I keep all my makeup on top, and we have this very cute Target mirror.

We got a new dresser from Ikea, after our old one took a tumble out of the truck during the move. It's nice and compact, which works really well in our small space. I made the antler piece above the dresser, based off this version I saw on Pinterest.

We have a very nice walk-in closet, where we also keep Waldo's litter box.

Shower curtain:Target  Towels:Ikea  Map:Etsy

The bathroom is pretty simple. We couldn't decide what colors to do, so we just ended up going with black and white. And somehow all our Utah decorations ended up in bathroom as well.

We bought Waldo a cat fountain, which he's really loved. He seems to be drinking a lot more water. He also loves to dip his paws in the fountain and flick water all over the mirror.

We bought a vintage Utah map off Etsy. It's fun to look at the sizes of the cities and see how much has changed in a hundred years.

The other Utah decorations we have are a couple of national parks tins. Josh got ours off Amazon.

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